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Winterthur Portfolio is a University of Chicago Press Journal. It is a testament to the Winterthur Museum’s longstanding commitment to generating new and innovative material culture research. This publication fosters knowledge of the North American past by publishing articles on material culture and the historical contexts within which artifacts developed. The journal presents scholarship that critically engages art history, history, geography, ethnology, archaeology, anthropology, folklife studies, and literature. We invite articles that are analytical and synthetic rather than descriptive, and we encourage interdisciplinary studies that integrate artifacts into a cultural framework. To view the current issue on-line, subscribe to the Winterthur Portfolio Journal, or get information on submitting manuscripts for consideration click here.


Catharine Dann Roeber
Executive Editor

Amy Earls
Managing Editor

Laura Walikainen
Book Review Editor

Editorial Board

Annmarie Adams, McGill University
Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware
Cynthia Brandimarte, Texas Parks and Wildlife
Barbara Burlison Mooney, University of Iowa
Lu Ann De Cunzo, University of Delaware
James Green, Library Company
Jennifer Greenhill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Susan Parrish, University of Michigan
Jennifer L. Roberts, Harvard University
Timothy Shannon, Gettysburg College