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Fellowship & Funding Opportunities


When admitted into the Winterthur Program, students become Lois F. McNeil Fellowship recipients. These Fellowships are made possible by the generosity of the McNeil family. While the Fellowship is subject to change, it is based on the costs of living in the Greater Wilmington Area, and is usually adequate to cover Fellows’ room and board. As of September 2018, the annual stipend is $20,400. Pending “satisfactory progress,” students will receive the equivalent of 22 months support. Fellows ordinarily complete all their requirements during this period and there is no provision for support beyond that time frame.

Outside of the stipend, tuition fees are entirely covered, meaning that Fellows only pay University of Delaware student fees each semester. As of September, 2017, these fees totaled $550 each semester (or $650 for international students) and include University health insurance coverage.

All field-based learning trips are covered by the Program, with the exception of personal expenses and some meals.


*Cost of living includes: housing, food, transportation, and entertainment. Housing is based on the average rent for a shared two-bedroom apartment. Sources: and

While the Winterthur fellowship typically covers Fellows room and board costs, the Program aims to find every student external funding for their research – in particular, their thesis. Other funding opportunities are given by organizations for specific research topics, many of which are gathered and listed by the University of Delaware’s Office of Graduate and Professional Education. Winterthur faculty are also often contacted about these specific opportunities, and will pass information onto the students.The following grants are currently available, but are subject to change at any time.


Decorative Arts Trust Summer Research Grants

The Dewey Lee Curtis Scholarship Fund awards three research grants of $500 each to graduate students in the field working on a Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation. Interested students should complete an application online or download, complete and and email completed application. Summer Research Grant applications are due by April 30. For additional information, click here.

Peter Wentz Farmstead Society

The Peter Wentz Farmstead Society awards the Albert T. and Elizabeth R. Gamon Scholarship in honor of Albert T. and Elizabeth R. Gamon on an annual basis. This academic award will be available on a one-time only basis to a student who is currently pursuing a degree in Pennsylvania German History, Cultural Studies or Decorative Arts and/or related Museum Studies. For additional information e-mail.

Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM)

SAPFM provides educational grants for different categories, such as field studies, travel and photography of furniture objects (especially good for theses preparation), and helping to cover the cost of seminars, conferences, etc. The link to their education page click here.


UD Collection-Based Research Grant Program

This matching competitive grant program will provide funding of up to $300 to graduate students at the Doctoral and Master’s level to support short-term collection-based research travel. Funding may cover transportation and housing expenses. Proposals should be submitted at least one month in advance of travel. Within two weeks of return from travel, students will prepare a report summarizing their research activities and the influence of this experience on their long-term research goals. A student may apply for funding only once each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  Click for additional information.

Delaware Public Humanities Institute (DELPHI)

Held in the first two weeks of summer, this Institute provides intensive training in the public humanities and provides $4500 stipends (subject to Federal withholding) for summer research. Acceptance is competitive but three Culture Fellows participated in June 2009, two in June 2010, two in June 2011, one in June 2012, two in June 2013, two in June 2014, and three in 2015. Click for additional information and news on Facebook.

Friends of Rockwood Graduate Research Fund

The Friends of Rockwood established this support in 2014 to honor the long-term service of John Sweeney to the Friends of Rockwood. The Fund was established at the University of Delaware as an endowed fund to support research in 19th century decorative arts and material culture. This support is awarded at the discretion of the Director of the Winterthur Program, in consultation with faculty in the Museum’s Academic Program’s Department.

Professional Development Awards

These awards are available via the Office of Graduate and Professional Education to help University of Delaware graduate students participate in significant professional conferences pertaining to their field of study. Click for guidelines and application form. Funds support travel to give papers or attend professional conferences and require matching funds from the Program’s office.

Society of Winterthur Fellows (SOWF) Professional Development Funds

Fellows are eligible to apply for up to $300 of matching funds. Funding is limited and is competitive. E-mail the Winterthur Program Office for the online forms. Students who receive these funds must prepare a one page report that may be published in the Society of Winterthur Fellows Newsletter.

Winterthur Program Professional Development Funds

Generous support from friends of the Program has allowed the Director’s Office to provide a modest amount of Professional Development Funding.  Students must petition the Program’s Director for support and include a detailed budget. Priority is given to applications that match  other sources of funding. As with SOWF funding, students must submit a one-page report outlining how they used the funds following their trip or presentation. In general, no students may apply for these funds more than once in a given year. Contact the Winterthur Program Office for the electronic guidelines and application form.



The Winterthur Fellows Book Fund

The Winterthur Fellows Book Fund generously provides WPAMC  (Winterthur Program in American Material Culture, formerly known as WPEAC/Winterthur Program in Early American Culture) Fellows with an annual gift to purchase books. Fellows can order any book currently in print through the Winterthur book store, or purchase books already in the book store; and often receive a 20% discount on the books.  The fund provides students with the opportunity to start their own reference library of material culture and decorative arts titles. In the past, students have purchased materials for their thesis, key reference texts, preparation material for next steps after the Program, or simply books that are of interest.

The Morrison and Fenella Heckscher Fund

Morrison Heckscher (WPEAC 1964) and his wife, Fenella, created an endowment to support professional development funds. The funds can be used by current graduate students within the material culture program. The funds can be used for conference attendance, travel, and other expenses related to the graduate experience. Approved expenses include travel to do research, conference registration, photo permission fees for theses or research papers.

Scott LaFrance Graduate Research Scholarship

Endowed by an anonymous alumna in 2015, this scholarship honors Scott LaFrance (WPEAC 1985), a noted architectural historian and material culture scholar. The scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Director of the Winterthur Program, in consultation with faculty in the Museum’s Academic Programs Department. The fund provides research support to a Fellow or Fellows whose thesis investigates topics related to the 20th century or later.

Coco Kim Scholarship

This fund, created by Coco Kim (WPEAC 1985), supports WPAMC research and travel. Awards are made at the discretion of the Program Director and Academic Programs staff.

The Brock Jobe Student Travel, Research and Professional Development Fund

Applications for drawing from this fund may be submitted by students from both the WPAMC (Culture Program) and the WUDPAC (Conservation Program) for travel, research or professional development. Priority is to be given to students pursuing a furniture-related subject.  Any interested student is to submit an application stating need, purpose  and projected expenses to the director of academic affairs (Winterthur).  Awards will be given at the discretion of the academic affairs division director through consultation with the director of the WPAMC (UD) and the professor of material culture and decorative arts (Winterthur).  This is a fund that may grow with additional gifts made in Brock’s honor.

Further information for fellows

Please note the amounts and guidelines for all of these funds are subject to change; we cannot guarantee that they will remain current for a Fellow’s entire course of study as some of them are subject to modification within the terms under which they were established.

Whenever possible, the funds are used to reimburse reasonable expenses incurred while Fellows pursue their research rather than being granted in a lump sum as a stipend. In requesting reimbursement, Fellows must provide documentation in the form of receipts, boarding passes, credit card bills, itemized lists, etc. as currently defined by appropriate University or Museum policy. For information regarding these forms of documentation, please ask Laura Schmidt at University of Delaware or Catharine Roeber at Winterthur. The two Institutions’ policies are congruent in terms of their documentation requirements. As a general rule, we require original receipts to meet the requirements of the University’s or Winterthur’s auditors. We cannot reimburse reasonable per diem costs of research trips (i.e. meals) unless credit card charges are accompanied by an itemized list of the charges. Under no circumstance will students be reimbursed for alcohol charges as it is against both institutions’ policies.