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Commitment to Diversity and Excellence


Our University is committed to embracing a diverse and inclusive campus that reflects our collective views,  experiences, capabilities, cultures, aspirations, and ultimately our commitment to excellence.  Educational  communities, such as ours, are enriched by the contributions and full participation of people from different  backgrounds. Towards these ends, the University seeks to:

  • Increase the racial and cultural diversity of its students, faculty and staff.
  • Create a climate that expects and encourages all members of the University community to respect and appreciate individual and cultural differences.
  • Promote equity for people of different backgrounds throughout all areas of University life.
  • Develop organizational practices that include the participation and perspectives of these groups.
  • Enhance the curriculum by including the contributions of different races, cultures, and genders.

Entitled “Inclusive Excellence: An Action Plan for Diversity at UD,” the plan was authored by Carol Henderson, vice provost for diversity, with input from departments and individuals across the campus.  “I hope ‘Inclusive Excellence’ will spark discussion and inspire action in our community,” Henderson said. “This is a living document, designed to evolve and grow with the University community as we reach our goals and milestones and target new objectives for ourselves and our campus. I look forward to working and collaborating with members of the University community to achieve our goals.”

Diversity logoOpening with an epigraph by Chinese Confucian philosopher Xunzi — “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – the plan summarizes the University’s progress and, looking forward, the guiding principles for action.

University of Delaware’s diversity-action plan, Inclusive Excellence,  represents the hard work and careful deliberations of people throughout the UD community.

You can read the plan at the University’s Diversity website:

Inclusive Excellence embodies our belief that diversity is an essential element of a world-class university experience, benefiting all students, faculty and staff by reflecting the full breadth of modern society. The plan builds on our previous efforts, focuses on our shared vision for the future and spells out the steps we are committed to taking to achieve a more welcoming and inclusive university.

We are encouraged by the progress that has been made so far and the deep commitment shown throughout the University to keep moving toward this more diverse future. Everyone is encouraged  to read this report and consider the steps you can take professionally and personally to help the university live up to our highest ideals.